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Bazi or “Four Pillars of Destiny” is ancient Chinese science of analyzing a person’s destiny. The Chinese believe that our life path is mapped out for us on the date time of our birth. Hence by using Bazi and our birth data, we can analyse and understand the mysteries of our life.

Bazi helps us to understand the destiny’s influence on various aspects of our life like relationships, career, business, partnerships, family, wealth, fame, studies etc.Bazi calculations can be used to see how these different aspects interact with and influence each other, and to forecast our cycle of luck. Thus one can make informed decisions which will help us to reach our goals. A person can use this information to accelerate his performance at work, improve relationships with others, overcome weaknesses and maximize talents and potentials.

Thus using Bazi, we can understand various facets of our life, our talents and potentials and be ready for any possibilities and challenges that life throws at us in the near or distant future.

Some of the aspects we can analyze using BaZi are:

  1. Career and profession

  2. Health and well-being

  3. Relationships

  4. Fame and Recognition

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