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After buying a good piece of land, you are now ready to start the construction of your residence/business premises. An important thing to remember here is that even if there are any inadequacies in the plot you have purchased, they can be rectified while constructing the house.

Constructing a house or an office according to Feng Shui will save you a lot of trouble ahead. Imagine you build a beautiful house with a garden and swimming pool. You move into your new home and then you realize that the swimming pool is in the wrong place or your bedroom is not in the correct sector or the direction in which your main door is facing is not conducive for your growth. Will you then break down your dream house to make suitable changes?

Hence it is always a good idea to get a Feng Shui Consultant to evaluate your plot and then tell you which direction or sector is suitable for each member of the family. You can also get advice on how to plan the exteriors of your home like gardens and swimming pools etc.

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