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Mian Xiang, an art of face reading, has been used by the Chinese masters for generations to identify the characteristics, personality and potentials of a person. Using Mian Xiang, one can easily define a man’s options in life, health, character and wealth in specific periods of time. The face of a person not only reveals a person's fortune, but their abilities, personal characteristics and innate nature too.

So how is it done? A Mian Xiang expert will tell you all of the above and more by just observing a person’s facial features. The shape of your face, nose, ears, eyes, eye brows, cheeks, lips and chin speak volumes about you. Any scars or marks on your face will just give additional information.

How is all this useful for me in my personal life or business? Well, you can check whether a particular person will make a good business partner. You can find a perfect mate for yourself. Or maybe you want to know what will be the right career for you?

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