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Imagine you putting the best of the lamps and lights in your house, hanging the costliest chandeliers that money can probably buy. Your rooms are looking absolutely elegant with those antique light shades and the huge chandeliers. You are now waiting for the night, so that you can lit the house with those decorative lights. Come the night, and there is NO power supply. Are the lights of any use? Will your house shine with those best of the chandeliers put in your house? Power in this case represents the energy that needs to flow in, to energize those lights. If power doesn’t flow in, the best of the lights are rendered ineffective.


The same principle plays a pivotal role when one considers doing a good Feng Shui for any property. Feng Shui audit is not just about considering the internal layout of the house or re-arranging the internal layout; the external factors assume a far more dominating influence in determining the goodness of a property.

From a Feng Shui point of view, one would also immensely benefit if the external factors (the environment) surrounding the house or the property or the site are taken into consideration. The right external environmental factors not being present may contribute very less or nothing to any amount of Feng Shui done inside the house or a property. Similar to power not flowing in will render the lights useless inside the house.

So, what are the external factors that a good Feng Shui warrants? In rural locations, the external formations is more in the form of hills, mountains, lakes and water courses; while in cities its largely in the form of surrounding buildings and roads. Ancient Chinese texts determine suitable sites by looking at the landscape to the rear, on either side of the property and in front of a property.

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