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New house – always a dream come true! It is one of the grand events in one’s life. So we ensure that all the legal documents are in place. We want our dream house to “look right” and so a great effort goes into the ambience of the place.

After spending a fortune on a house you realize that the house is not right for you. Then you spend some more and get a Feng Shui expert to rectify the problems!!!

Instead one should ask a Feng Shui expert to check the house before buying it. Shortlist a few houses/sites and then let the expert tell you which house is suitable for you.


A typical Residential Consultation will include a Fengshui audit and advice for:

  • Bedrooms

  • Kitchen

  • Dining room

  • Drawing Room

  • Pooja Room

  • Study

  • Children’s Room

  • Guest Rooms

  • Bath Rooms

FengShui for a bungalow/ row house would also include:

  • Location of the Plot

  • Analysis of external environment

  • Location of the Main entrance

  • Location of the Front Door

  • Location of swimming pools and gardens

Feng Shui for an apartment in multi-storied buildings would also include:

  • Location of the Plot

  • Analysis of external environment

  • Main entrance of the society

  • Location of swimming pools, club houses and gardens in the compound

  • Location of the building block or wings with respect to the above

  • Entrance to the block or wing

  • The floor number

  • Location of the flat

  • Entrance to the flat

If you live in a rented apartment, then a different approach is necessary. Since you will be living in that place for a short duration, there is no need to go into the environmental factors etc. Instead, a Feng Shui expert can tell you which room of your house is having the best energy for a particular period of time to enhance your efforts.

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