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What is Feng shui?
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Feng Shui. A – Ha!!!! I’m sure this term evokes mixed reactions, contradicting philosophies and more important, divides the people into the believers, non-believers and the skeptics. However, isn’t this true with most sciences which have a tinge of Metaphysics? Feng Shui sure follows suit.

In the modern world, where speed, innovation and constant changes seem to be the guiding force for a man, it is but obvious that multiple perspectives and opinions for the same thing will exist. The world today demands instant remedies or instant solutions. If a person is suffering from headache, it is quite possible that he/she wont take rest but rather pop in some tablets. A quick-fix is what we are looking for. If a person is looking to make money, I wonder how many of them really use long term investment or accrue wealth through time-tested schemes and policies. More often that not, you find people trying to hunt for “short cuts” to make big money. So you will have people not knowing how to run business, starting business offices or you may have people resorting to illegal methods to accumulate wealth or you have people hopping jobs faster than one can change clothes. And in this fast paced life, “giving time” for something to develop, something to happen or wealth to be accrued or relationship to foster is almost forgotten and considered “time wasting”. What people want is - instant solution. Instant fixes to their problems. Instant remedies, which will overnight, solve their personal problems or their sagas in professional sphere.

When such is the outlook in today’s world, you think commercialization is bound to be far away from you? Imagine going to a theatre to watch your favorite movie and you see a HOUSEFULL board. Don’t you want an instant fix? Or will you wait for the day when tickets would be available? Most people won’t wait. They seek instant remedy. This attitude propels commercialization. And to answer that instant remedy, you have black ticketers doing the rounds of a theatre.

When for a small thing like watching a movie can trigger off a CANT WAIT attitude, the pressure of bigger things in life like Marriages, Personal problems, buying a new house, success in business or professional life start strangling you, driving you more and more towards seeking instant remedy. After all, how many people have the time to wait? Mercy!!

And there-in come the INSTANT FIXES. Even in Feng Shui. So, have you heard somebody say, put a three-legged toad in your house, and you shall be blessed with money? Or hang the metallic sound wind chimes for secured relationships and harmony within the family? Of course, I’m sure you have heard much more than these, each being a “Tip” to hang or place some object or symbol, which will bestow you with all the riches and prosperity. Precisely, in this rut of commercialization, authentic Feng Shui has been buried under the surface, known only to a small fraction of genuine Feng Shui practitioners.

Having said that, let’s look at what Feng Shui is not? Feng Shui is NOT about:

  1. Placing good luck objects or images.

  2. Creating instant wealth.

  3. Interior Decoration.

  4. Superstition.

What then is Feng Shui? If you are asking this question, then you are well in right track. Feng Shui is a meta-physical science which tries to establish harmony between the living being and the property where one resides (or runs business). Feng Shui is about Qi (pronounced Chee, meaning the Cosmic Energy), which is a very natural phenomenon, existing in abundance in this Universe and can RARELY be created by man made objects. We breathe Qi. Feng Shui tries to estimate the quality of Qi that we are surrounded with and its impact – either good or bad. Getting good Feng Shui done in your house is akin to creating a favorable environment for you to work towards your goals. Aren’t the external factors surrounding you necessary for you to function in the best of your potential? A good Feng Shui to your house will precisely address this aspect. It will enable you to perform better, give more opportunities to you, boost your potential and shield you from extreme negative influence, so that you can move unhindered in your pursuits.

Feng Shui revolves around Science, Logic & Math. Using this combination, a true Feng Shui practitioner would also be able to predict future outcomes and suggest remedies. Feng Shui is not based on any religion nor has any religious implications. Hanging objects or images are more psychological than true Feng Shui recommendations. And finally, one must very seriously understand and comprehend that Feng Shui is not superstition or a quick fix solution maker to offer instant remedies to your life problems.

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