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Feng Shui Afflictions

The following are the common Feng Shui afflictions. Every year they change directions.

The 5 Yellow Sha

This is the most inauspicious location for the year. In 2006, the West sector is afflicted with the negative energies of the 5 yellow. Houses facing or sitting on this direction should avoid any kind of renovations. Even striking or drilling a nail in the walls of this sector should be avoided if possible. Avoid using this sector if possible. If renovations are unavoidable, then do it only after selecting a good date for it.

If you have to use this sector then you can hang a metal wind chime in this sector. This will pacify the 5 yellow star. Remember, hanging a wind chime is not always enough to negate the effects of 5 yellow. Sometimes it is not necessary to hang a chime and in certain places or locations it will not be effective at all. So consult a Feng Shui expert before you hang a wind chime or do any renovations.

The Grand Duke Jupiter

The sector in which the Grand Duke is should not be disturbed. If the Grand Duke is disturbed it can cause mishaps and health problems. Hence renovations etc. are to be avoided in this sector. For the year 2006, the Grand Duke is in the North-West 1 sector. Houses that are “sitting” with the Grand Duke will not be as badly affected as those houses, which are “facing” the Grand Duke.

If you are using this sector for work or meetings see that you put your back to this direction. This can give you an upper hand in negotiations and career endeavours.The grand Duke is a type of Chi and hence there is no need to “cure” it. All one has to do is leave it undisturbed.

3 Killings

For the year 2006, the 3 killings is in the North sector. Activating this sector will bring about negative repercussions to the property and its occupants. Some of the possible mishaps that can occur are theft, loss of wealth and recurring problems.

Houses that are “facing” the 3 killings will not be as badly affected as those houses, which are “sitting” on the 3 killings.It is not necessary to cure this affliction. Just leave it alone. It is okay to use this sector.

The Year Breaker

Also known as “the wrath of the Grand Duke”, this affliction occupies the sector that is directly opposite the Grand Duke. In 2006, it is in the South-East 1 sector. This sector should be specially left undisturbed if the elder members or any other occupants are facing any health problems.

Houses that are “facing” the Year Breaker will be better off than those houses, which are “sitting” on the Year Breaker.

This sector should not be disturbed at any cost. The negative repercussions of this affliction are far more serious than the negative effects of the Grand Duke.

As far as possible the above mentioned sectors of the property should be left undisturbed. But if any renovations, drilling, digging or ground breaking is unavoidable then always consult a professional Feng Shui expert for a good date and place to start these activities. Doing this will just reduce and not nullify the impact of these afflictions.

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